Dreamscapes : Nightmare’s Heir Premium E

Artikelnummer: 1052109 / Tillverkarens artikelnummer: 42388

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Laura doesn’t suffer from nightmares anymore. But, despite the fact that it has been 2 years since she came out of the coma, she is haunted by the promise of Sandman to
take revenge. Laura and Tim go to ski resort hoping to distract Laura from heavy thoughts.
It would seem what might be easier for Laura, having the absolute Power, to awaken her husband? However, being received the Power, Laura has made a commitment not
to use the Power for her own benefit. This means that she can’t help Tim to wake up. And she has 2 choices: watch how her beloved slowly dies in the hospital, or have
recourse to the help of an old friend again who once helped her when she was in a coma.
When Laura met an old friend (the player), she stops the time to pass by the doctors unchecked and infiltrate in Tim’s ward, and then she immerses the player into the
subconscious of Tim, whose body is almost seized by the Sandman.
The Sandman operates under the old scheme: by sending nightmares, he suppresses the will of the victim to resist.
Will the player have time to wake up Tim before the Sandman turns him into his heir?
  •  Continuation of game series
  •  Original game world
  •  More than 40 gaming locations
  •  The world changes during walkthrough
  •  12 mini-games
  •  More than 30 3D videos and cut-scenes
  •  Unique meta-game on search of beholders (variation of Hidden Object’s mechanics)
  •  Meta-game on search of diary’s pages with prehistory of game events
  •  2 game modes (normal and advanced)
  •  Achievements system
Genre Peka och klicka
Plattform Windows
Distributionsmedium Ladda ner
Steam account required for game activation and installation ,

Minimum :
OS: Windows XP/7/8 ,
Processor: 2 GHz ,
Memory: 1024 MB RAM ,
Graphics: DirectX 9 Compatible ,
DirectX: Version 9.0 ,
Hard Drive: 2 GB available space ,
Sound Card: Any DirectX Compatible
Genre äventyr
Nedladdningsbart spel Game
Platform Steam
System som stöds PC Windows
Utvecklare Shaman Games Studio
Max antal spelare 1
Utvärdering av australienska staten Föräldrahandledning (PG)
Utgivare 1C Company
Utvecklare Shaman Games Studio
Operativsystem som stöds Microsoft Windows XP/7/8
Maskinvarukrav Microsoft Windows XP/7/8 - 2 GHz - RAM 1024 MB - HD 2 GB
Extra krav Grafikkort kompatibelt med DirectX 9.0, DirectX-kompatibelt ljudkort, måste användas med ett giltigt Steam-konto, DirectX 9.0