Uriel's Chasm 2: את

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Artikelnummer: 1052155 / Tillverkarens artikelnummer: 38207

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Uriel's Chasm 2 :את is a fantasy "Mega-PC" rom hack. In את ("et") you play as a young girl who has been sent into another dimension as a sacrificial offering.

You have been showered with mercy and adopted as a daughter by a mysterious entity known as The Abstraction; Charged with cultivating a garden paradise on a barren frame, for a mysterious suitor who is to come.

Lately you have been having strange prophetic dreams in which other dimensions have been sending anti-matter tributes and sacrifices, all in a effort to win your hand and share your paradise.

Also, a mysterious glitch in the very fabric of your reality called Mayim has started to show up. Reality bends as everything at the quantum level is digitized and rerouted to an eerie abandoned car park in Nauseous Pines.

  • All the game styles!! proto-bullet hell boss rush is just the beginning as you are plunged into crazy game style combinations including configurations such as Frogger, space invaders, California games surfing and Fire Fighting
  • Allegorical story that dramatically furthers the Nauseous Pines/Uriels Chasm universe of Railslave Games.
  • Innovative mechanics - graze fruit to fill your rainbow anti-matter launcher, travel closer to the action to raise the risk bar and spin the fruit machine.
  • Punchy full Yamaha FM OST made on synths close to the actual MEGA PC and influenced by a wide variety of styles from Indian Bhangra to Technosoft's Thunderforce series.
  • Full controller support
Genre Äventyr
Plattform Windows
Distributionsmedium Ladda ner
Steam account required for game activation and installation PC System Requirements MINIMUM: OS: Windows 7 or higher Processor: 2 GHZ Single core Memory: 2 GB RAM Graphics: 512 MB of dedicated video memory and support for OpenGL 2.0+ Sound Card: Sound blaster Audigy 2 or newer Language Support: Interface: English Full Audio: Subtitles:
Genre indie, action, äventyr
Nedladdningsbart spel Game
Platform Steam
System som stöds PC Windows
Utvecklare Rail Slave Games
Specifikationer Aktiveringsnyckeln måste användas på ett giltigt Steam-konto - ESD
Max antal spelare 1
Utgivare KISS Ltd.
Utvecklare Rail Slave Games