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Trust GXT 888 Assa Keyboard

Artikelnummer: 1104133 / Tillverkarens artikelnummer: 22881

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Trust GXT 888 Assa Single Handed Keyboard

Fully customizable keypad with on-board memory, programmable keys & macro’s


  • Assign functions and macro’s to any key and get total game-control
  • 29 fully programmable keys incl. conveniently placed button for your thumb
  • Create extra space for your mouse when gaming
  • On-board memory to hold your settings, even after unplugging
  • Ergonomic shape with rubber palmrest for maximum comfort.
  • Anti-Ghosting: Up to 13 simultaneous key pressings
  • Customizable RGB lighting
  • 1.8m Braided cable and anti-slip rubber feet
  • Advanced software for programming mouse actions, keys, macros and profiles


Equip yourself with 30 fully programmable keys including a conveniently placed button for your thumb all in one compact keyboard. All your razor-sharp combos are executed in high speed and deadly accuracy with the GXT 888 Assa Single-Handed Keyboard. The single-hand keyboard is an excellent extension to or alternative for a full-size keyboard. It was completely designed for gaming purposes. Its small and ergonomic shape allows you to have much more movement area available for your mouse. It is perfectly made for all your shooters, your FPS, RPG, RTS, MOBA and MMO games. Control is at your fingertips.


You can perfectly tailor the keyboard to your gaming needs. With the 30 fully programmable keys and advanced software, you can assign functions and macros to any key for total game-control. And you only have to do this once! The onboard memory holds your settings even after unplugging. So you can easily take it with you to any LAN party or major gaming tournament! When pressing multiple keys simultaneously, a normal keyboard will ignore most of the keys pressed. This is called “ghosting”. But not with the Assa! You can press 13 keys simultaneously without any false moves because of the Assa’s anti-ghosting technology. Your actions will be perfectly translated into winning combos.


Easily select your favourite colour out of the 16.8 million colours. The RGB lights of the Assa will let you shine in every game arena. The 1.8m braided cable and anti-slip rubber feet provide you with stability on your way to the top!

Producentens garanti (månader) 24
Typ av enhet Tangentsats - ergonomisk
Bakgrundsbelyst RGB/16,8 miljoner färger
Gränssnitt USB
Antal tangenter 30
Anti-ghosting Ja
Antal samtidiga tangenttryck 13
Bredd 15.87 cm
Djup 23.81 cm
Höjd 3.94 cm
Vikt 473 g
Kabellängd 1.8 m
Programvara & Systemkrav
Operativsystem erfordras Microsoft Windows 7 / 8 / 10