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Nuraphone G2 trådlösa hörlurar

Artikelnummer: 1109702 / Tillverkarens artikelnummer: I00B

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Nuraphone G2 wireless headphones

Active Noise Cancellation (ANC)

Quieter listening and crisp, clear detail at the same time.

The nuraphone‘s ANC works differently, with noise cancellation through the ear cup speakers. This leaves the ear tip speakers free to capture your music‘s detail. The result is quieter listening and crisp, clear detail at the same time.

Social Mode

Tap to pass external audio into the nuraphone to hear your surroundings.

Choose if you want to hear what‘s going on around you, or tune out everything but your music. Simply tap the nuraphone‘s touch buttons to hear your surroundings, without ever having to take your nuraphones off your head.

More Touch Button Functionality

Single and double tap allowing up to 4x custom functions.

We‘ve added double tap to the nuraphone‘s touch buttons, so you can perform more helpful functions without having to open your app or interrupt your listening.

Spoken Battery Level + Audible Charging Signal

Always know when your battery needs charging

Spoken battery levels and charging tones help you keep your nuraphones charged, so you‘re never without your favourite music.

Offline Mode

Adjust your settings wherever you are, even in the air. Control your nuraphones, and access the nura app, without connecting to the internet.

Bluetooth QuickSwitch

Easily swap between your phone, computer and more while listening, without worrying about disconnecting from your devices.
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