Samsung Leather cover

Artikelnummer: 1121854 / Tillverkarens artikelnummer: EF-VG970LNEGWW

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Samsung Leather Cover

Genuine Leather

Made of superbly soft calf leather, this case offers an elegant look and feel. Refined aluminum buttons and microfiber lining adds to its value.

Perfect fit and soft grip feeling

Slimmer design accentuates good grip. Your mobile phone will fit perfectly.

Various colors

Various colors meet various needs. Seven vivid colors matches well with the S10 series phone colors.

Material Läder
Färg Marin
Typ Skydd
Rekommenderad användning För mobiltelefon
Fodraltyp Baksidesskydd
Designat för Samsung Galaxy S10e, S10e (Unlocked), S10e Enterprise Edition