Samsung Silikoncover

Artikelnummer: 1121869 / Tillverkarens artikelnummer: EF-PG973TYEGWW

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Samsung Silicone Cover

Silky and soft finish

Stay stylish with pastel tones and a matte finish. Trendy and matte silicone material provides a omfortable and soft touch grip.

Device protection from external shock

Only 1.3mm thick, it still offers powerful protection.

Various colors

With seven (7) vivid colors, silicone cover gives you a pick of multiple style options.  The interior color is different from the outer, to add to the joy of your choice.

Material Silikon
Färg Gul
Typ Skydd
Rekommenderad användning För mobiltelefon
Fodraltyp Baksidesskydd
Skyddsfunktioner Softtouch
Designat för Samsung Galaxy S10, S10 (Unlocked), S10 Enterprise Edition