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D-Link DCS DSH-C310 övervakningskamera

Artikelnummer: 1125755 / Tillverkarens artikelnummer: DSH-C310

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D-Link DCS Omna surveillance camera

180° Field of View

180-degree wide-angle lens gives you a complete picture

Motion Alerts

Motion detection feature automatically captures events and sends alerts

Two-Way Audio

Built-in microphone and speaker for two-way audio communication

1080p Full HD

Full HD 1920 x 1080 resolution for detailed video

World's first HomeKit‑enabled camera

See everything that matters to you at home. Control your Omna camera with the free Omna app and get a live view of your home wherever you are, receive alerts when motion is detected, watch motion‑triggered video playbacks, and use your camera's two‑way audio to talk and listen.

A new perspective

Most cameras offer a limited 120‑degree lens, while D‑Link's unique 180‑degree solutions and de‑warping technology allow users to see just about everywhere and everything.

Night Vision

IR LEDs lets you see up to 5m (16 ft.) in complete darkness

Local Storage

Record video clips and images to a microSD card for backup

HomeKit™ Enabled

Pairs with other HomeKit-enabled devices to create your customized smart home

2-Year D-Link Warranty

Protected by one of the global leaders in the industry.

Always Home

Omna allows you to see and feel as if you are ‘always home.’ View everything remotely through your iOS device – keep an eye on your pet in the living room, or check your home is safe while away on holiday for extra peace of mind.

Record video clips and images to a microSD card for backup

With the built-in microSD card slot you can save your videos straight to a microSD card.

Never miss a moment

Even when you’re not at home, Omna’s built in microphone and speaker allows you to enjoy clear two‑way audio. Communicate with family members or your pet as if you are actually there.

Plays well with others

The Omna 180 Cam HD also works seamlessly with other Apple HomeKit enabled devices. Easily control and turn on lights, smart plugs, thermostats and sound alarms with the motion detection feature.

Set up in seconds...

Follow a few simple steps in the Apple HomeApp to instantly see and hear everything that is happening in your home.

Producentens garanti (månader) 24
Typ av enhet Nätverksövervakningskamera
Stöd för ljud Ja: inbyggd högtalare, tvåvägs ljudkapacitet, inbyggd mikrofon
Anslutningsteknik Trådlös
Bredd 5.79 cm
Djup 5.79 cm
Höjd 13.2 cm
Vikt 231 g
Typ Färg - Dag&Natt - fast
Maximal digital videoupplösning 1920 x 1080
Rörelsedetektion Ja
Videoformat 1080p
Infraröda lysdioder Ja
Infrarött avstånd 4.88 m
Upplösning vid digital videofångst 1080p
Egenskaper Rörelsedetekteringsteknik, återställningsknapp
Optisk konstruktion
Horisontellt visningsfält (grader) 180
Minneskort som stöds microSD-kort
Nätdel Strömadapter