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10W QI, Fast charge Samsung/Apple, utan strömadapter

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Trust Primo10 Wireless Fast-charging Desk Stand

Wireless charging stand to fast-charge your Qi-compatible smartphone

Key features

  • Convenient desk stand to easily keep track of notifications on your phone
  • Touch-and-charge: simply put your smartphone on the stand and it will charge automatically
  • Works with all smartphones with Qi wireless charging support
  • Supports fast-charging 7.5W mode for iPhone and 10W mode for Samsung Galaxy phones
  • Dual-coil design, to support use and charging in either portrait or landscape orientation
  • Charging indicator LED Night mode: the indicator light turns off automatically after 20 seconds, to avoid unwanted light at night
  • Works with the USB charger of your phone (cable included)*
  • Smart Safety Design with FOD (Foreign Object Detection) to prevent over-heating of metal objects
  • *For fast-charging, a USB charger compatible with Quick Charge 2.0/3.0 is required

Convenient charging

Bring the convenience of wireless charging to your home or office with the Primo10 Wireless Fast-charging Desk Stand. Charging your phone at high speed while holding it in the perfect position to keep track of notifications or watch a video; the Primo10 is the perfect addition to any desk.

Dual orientation

Primo10 is made to fit your every need. With its dual-coil design, the desk stand will charge your phone while holding it in your favourite position: vertically or horizontally. The advanced technology will support the charging of your phone in either orientation, whether you’re working at your desk, or enjoying a tv show during lunch.

High speed

This wireless charging stand supports fast-charging for Apple iPhone (7.5W) and Samsung Galaxy (10W). It will also charge any other Qi-compatible device at normal 5W power. Connect the stand to any USB charger with Quick Charge 2.0 technology or higher, and it will always be ready to charge your iPhone or Galaxy at the highest possible speed.

Night Mode

The LED light will indicate whether your phone is charging. The light will turn off after 20 seconds, so the light won’t bother you in the dark, in case the charging stand is in your bedroom. You can now comfortably use the stand wherever you prefer.

Producentens garanti (månader) 24
Produkttyp Trådlöst laddställ
Utformad för Mobiltelefon
Bredd 9 cm
Djup 12 cm
Höjd 9 cm
Vikt 129 g
Inmatningsanslutningar 5-stifts mikro-USB typ B
Antal inkommande anslutningar 1
Effekt 10 Watt
Max elektrisk ström 2 A
Trådlös laddning Ja
Standarder för trådlös laddning Qi
Snabbladdningsteknik Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0
Egenskaper Överbelastningsskydd, kortslutningsskydd, överladdningsskydd, överspänningsskydd, FOD (Foreign Object Detection)
Egenskaper Lysdiodblixtlampa
Medföljande kablar Mikro-USB-kabel
Standarder som följs Qi 1.2.4