Acer DLP Projektor HV532

Artikelnummer: 1135338 / Tillverkarens artikelnummer: MR.JQP11.00D

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Acer DLP Projektor HV532


Bring home the cinematic level experience with HV532. HV532 delivers top-of-the-line image quality in breathtakingly crisp Full HD+ resolution. Featuring Acer ColorPurity technology and Rec. 709 that is enhanced by advanced RGB color wheel, the color accuracy is so good it feels as though you’re in a cinema. 4K and HDR compatibility make sure you never miss out on new movies or content.

  • Full HD (1,920 x 1,200)
  • Dynamic Black 10,000:1
  • 2,200 ANSI lumens
  • 8.3ms low input lag
  • 1.3X zoom ratio

Take You Beyond Full HD

Show movies on a mammoth scale in astonishing clarity. HV532 delivers top of the line image quality in breathtakingly crisp 1920x1200 resolution that supports 1080p. With the image this crisp & clear, you'll enjoy exceptional details no matter on Blu-ray movies or video games.

Expressive Levels of Contrast

The contrast ratio is up to a whopping 10,000:1. DynamicBlackimproves image contrast by analyzing onscreen content frame-by-frame and then dynamically adjusting lamp power to optimize black levels.

Purely Stunning

Combining a RGBRGB color wheel, lamp control technique on multiple waveforms and unique software engine, ColorPurity produces wider color gamut to 72% NTSC. It generates uncompromised visuals with pure and abundant color. Because of wider color range of ColorPurity, color can reach its most pure level. You can experience pure reds, rich greens and deep blues for amazingly realistic viewing.

Cinema-like Color Accuracy

Rec. 709 is a standard of high-definition TVset by ITU (International Telecommunication Union) and also the color standard that film director adopted. Rec 709 specification digitally defines the color identity during postproduction, which allows a compatible projector to recognize and decode the film’s intended visual feeling. Thanks to the inclusion of Rec 709, HV532 is able to reproduce faithfully the original colors and tones to give viewers an authentic movie-watching experience.

Compatible with 4K HDR signal

4K content is increasingly available through the rise of streaming services. HV532 can receive 4K HDR Rec. 2020 signal and correctly transfer it into 1080p resolution. This means customers never miss out on new content.

4K HDR movies

Acer ColorBoost3D

ColorBoost3D has the ability to reduce brightness decay and color shift for both 3D and 2D-3D contents through enhancing color brightness. At the same time, it compensates color saturation and color temperature

Hyper-Smooth Images

Sports and action movies fanatics will rejoice with the HV532’s FHD+ 120Hz. Action scenes play out in crystal clear clarity and raw urgency with the impressive 120 Hz frame rate, rendering smoother images in sports and action movies. Users will be able to catch every detail as fast moving objects zip across the screen.

Ideal for video game

HV532 is also the World First Full HD projector that supports 8.3ms low Input lag. This ideal for video game as its extremely low input latency reduces frame delay to an incredible 8.3 ms.You will enjoy instantly responsive control whether playing racing, sports, or action video games.

Producentens garanti (månader) 24
Typ av enhet DLP-projektor - 1080p
3D-kapabel Ja (3D-glasögon säljs separat)
Ljusstyrka 2200 ANSI lumen
Ljusstyrka (reducerad) 1760 ANSI lumen
Kontrastförhållande 10000:1 (dynamisk)
Bildstorlek 89 cm - 762 cm
Projektionsavstånd 1 m - 7.8 m
Projiceringsförhållande 1.21 - 1.59:1
Upplösning WUXGA - WUXGA (1920 x 1200)
Ursprungligt visningsformat 16:10
Max synkroniseringskapacitet (V x H) 120 Hz
Typ av lampa 250 Watt
Lamplivslängd Upp till 3500 timme/timmar - normalt läge
Upp till 10000 timme/timmar - ekonomiläge
Upp till 12000 timme/timmar - extremt ekonomiskt läge
Egenskaper Stöd för visningsformatet 16:9, EcoProjection-teknologi, stöd för bildförhållande 4:3, Acer ColorSafe II-teknologi, Rec. 709 Mode, MHL-övrensstämmelse, ColorBoost 3D Technology, High Dynamic Range (HDR), Low Input Lag, Acer LumiSense, Acer Bluelight Shield, Rec. 2020 Mode, Acer ColorPurity, klar för HDMI 3D, toppmatad lampa
Fokuseringstyp Manuell
Bländaröppning F/1.94-2.23
Zoomtyp Manuell
Zoomfaktor 1.3x
Riktning för keystone-korrigering Vertikal
Vertikal keystone-korrigering -40 / +40
Videogränssnitt VGA, HDMI, composite video, MHL
Videoformat 1080p
Typ Integrerad
Ljudutgångsläge Mono
Uteffekt / kanal 10 Watt
Högtalare 1 x blandad kanal
Gränssnitt 2 x VGA-ingång - 15 pin HD D-Sub (HD-15)
1 x HDMI - 19-stifts HDMI typ A
2 x linjeingång för ljud - minitelefon 3,5 mm
1 x ingång för sammansatt video - RCA
1 x linjeutgång för ljud - minitelefon 3,5 mm
1 x USB - 4-stifts USB typ A (hantering)
1 x seriell RS-232 - 9 pin D-Sub (DB-9) (hantering)
1 x Mobile High-Definition Link (MHL) / HDMI
1 x USB (endast ström) - 4-stifts USB typ A
1 x 3D-synkroniserad utmatning
Inkluderade tillbehör Fjärrkontroll, batteri för fjärrkontroll
Säkerhetsegenskaper Plats för säkerhetslås (kabellås säljs separat)
Typ av säkerhetsplats Kensington säkerhetsplats
Standarder som följs ISO 21118, HDCP 2.2
Strömkälla Växelström
Nominell spänning AC 120/230 V
Energiförbrukning vid drift 300 Watt
Strömkonsumtionsställ med 0.5 Watt
Dimensioner och vikt
Bredd 31.3 cm
Djup 27.24 cm
Höjd 11.07 cm
Vikt 3.1 kg
Min temperatur vid drift 0 °C
Max temperatur vid drift 40 °C
Ljudnivå 31 dBA
Ljudemission (ekonomiläge) 23 dBA