WinZip® 25 Pro

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WinZip 25® is the fastest, biggest version ever. Unlike other file compression tools, WinZip 25® doesn’t just zip and unzip files - it offers an all-in-one solution for securing, storing and sharing files. WinZip 25® Pro enables IT departments to implement enterprise-level encryption across their workforce and guard IP and critical data in multi-cloud network environments. Customers can work more productively with new Microsoft Teams integration; create smaller .Zipx files for faster, more streamlined sharing; organize and manage files more efficiently with extended Background Tools. With WinZip 25 Pro or WinZip 25 Enterprise, you can also keep PDFs secure. Whether you've created the PDF in WinZip or another application, or received it from someone else, the new ability to sign PDFs ensures the original content of the document is protected from any unauthorized changes. 

WinZip 25 Top NEW Features

NEW! More efficient file compression with duplicate file detection
You might not realize it, but your Zipx files often contain duplicate files, adding to the size of your zip file. WinZip 25 scans and excludes duplicate files, instead storing them as a link to save you space. Your files stay the same - but your Zipx files will be smaller than ever.

NEW! Organize your photos in the cloud
Use WinZip to automatically organize all your photos by year and month. Say goodbye to endless scrolling looking for photos - it's now easier than ever for you to store, manage, and share your most important memories.

NEW! Update contents of a Zip file to match the source
Refresh the content of a Zip file to match the content of the original source folder. The documents you zip change all the time, and now you can keep all your zip files up to date with fewer clicks.

ENHANCED! Combine PDF features
WinZip 25 Pro enables you to merge all your PDF files, even those generated by WinZip conversions. You can now merge a wide variety of files and images into a single PDF in one easy step.

NEW! Sign new and existing PDF files
Use WinZip Pro to sign PDF files straight from your computer. All types of PDFs are supported - from those sent to you, to files you convert to PDF using WinZip. Sign and send important documents in seconds, with the added peace of mind from WinZip’s banking-level encryption.

NEW! Access and edit files shared with you by others
Easily access shared folders in OneDrive and Google Drive to work more effectively with your team. It's straightforward to see which folders belong to someone else, and WinZip 25 enables you to zip, unzip, encrypt, and decrypt files saved in shared folders.

NEW! Automatically save cloud files
WinZip has always made it easy to work in files stored in the cloud, but WinZip 25 takes it to a whole new level. WinZip 25 automatically saves your work on cloud-based files, ensuring you never lose important work.

NEW! Easy access to Background Tools
WinZip's Background Tools keep your folders clean and organized - it's like having an invisible army of technicians working on your computer. WinZip 25 gives you access to these powerful tools right from the WinZip Ribbon, and schedules background tasks to run simultaneously.

NEW! Seamless integration with Microsoft Teams
You can now share Zip files with your colleagues in Microsoft Teams through WinZip’s brand-new Microsoft Teams integration. Simply use WinZip’s Instant Messaging function to effortlessly share zip files to your chosen Microsoft Teams channel.


Windows System Requirements
Microsoft® Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Internet Explorer 8 or later
Internet access required for product activation, ZipShare, cloud services, social media and instant messaging

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Nedladdningsbart spel Software
Platform Winzip
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System som stöds PC Windows
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