HUAWEI FreeBuds Studio Gold

Intelligent dynamisk ANC, högupplöst ljud, medvetenhetsläge

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HUAWEI FreeBuds Studio Gold

The HUAWEI FreeBuds Studio are wireless on-ear stereo headphones with comfortable cushions made from high-end protein leather and soft foam. The HUAWEI FreeBuds Studio can be connected with other devices such as phones, tablets, and PCs over Bluetooth to make voice calls and play music, with active noise cancellation (ANC) supported. Featuring a 40 mm-diameter dynamic driver unit, PET+PU composite diaphragm, and high-performance audio codec that manages HD Bluetooth decoding, the headphones achieve crystal clear audio delivery in all channels. The two active noise cancellation (ANC) microphones on each side support feedforward (FF) and feedback (FB) ANC technologies for dynamic noise reduction effects and a superior ANC experience. With Huawei's advanced noise reduction algorithms, the two call microphones on each side work with the inner microphones to ensure high-quality voice calls

Wireless stereo headphones

The headphones work seamlessly with Bluetooth devices such as mobile phones to make voice calls, play music, and use noise canceling features

AI-empowered noise cancellation

Despite the simplistic look, underneath lies a range of high-end acoustic mechanisms consisting of a large number of chips and sensors to achieve unparalleled noise canceling effects with ANC mode, Awareness mode, and call noise cancellation.

Four built-in microphones on each side cooperate with each other to comprehensively detect ambient sounds and accurately capture different types of sounds. They are able to generate dual noise canceling sound waves to improve noise reduction performance, thereby eliminating wind noise during calls and adjusting noise canceling effect adaptively.

The innovative patented Tee Audio Tube (TAT) acoustic architecture effectively connects the in-ear space with a dual-layer sound cavity on the back. It produces a filtering effect that greatly blocks middle and high-frequency noises, while balancing the air pressure inside and outside the ears, which maximizes comfort even after wearing the headphones for a long time.

Versatile noise canceling modes

Two ANC microphones (FF + FB microphones) on each side achieve hybrid ANC effects, so that you can choose to enable ANC, enable Awareness mode, or disable ANC by pressing the button on the left headphone. (The settings can be changed on the Bluetooth settings screen or in the AI Life app.)

Dynamic, comfortable, equalized, and deep ANC effects are available when ANC mode is enabled. You can choose the most suitable one depending on your environment. (The dynamic ANC effect is enabled by default. You can change the settings on the Bluetooth settings screen or in the AI Life app.)

Dynamic ANC effects include comfortable, equalized, and deep levels that work with an adaptive noise control technology. This allows the headphones to adjust the noise canceling effect in accordance with the scene they have detected.

Comfortable ANC effect is recommended for quiet environments, such as when in a library or at home. This effect eliminates the noise from electric or household appliances such as air conditioners and computers, while achieving a comfortable and natural audio experience.

Equalized ANC effect produces an immersive music or gaming experience when you are walking on a street or sitting at a cafe.

Deep ANC effect satisfies your needs for an enhanced noise canceling performance and maximum quietness by reducing as much low-frequency noise as possible. This comes handy when traveling on a subway or airplane.

Awareness mode and Voice mode are available for different scenarios. (Awareness mode is enabled by default. You can change the settings on the Bluetooth settings screen or in the AI Life app.)

Awareness mode allows you to be aware of surrounding sounds for safety purposes even when listening to music.

Voice mode enhances voices by reducing ambient sounds so that you can talk to people around you without removing the headphones. This also prevents you from missing important broadcasts when wearing the headphones.

HD voice call with a 6-microphone design

Four voice call microphones intelligently separate voices from noises and enhance the voice pickup performance. At the same time, two inner microphones pick up pure in-ear voices and block out wind noise interference. As a result, the headphones deliver your voice clearly to other parties during calls, even in noisy environments.

  • The outer microphone enhances voices by generating forward sound waves.
  • The inner microphone picks up pure voices conducted in the ear.

Advanced HD audio coding and decoding in a wide frequency response range

The HiFi-level audio codec chip works with a custom 4-layer macromolecule composite diaphragm to provide an ultra-wide frequency response range of 4 Hz to 48 kHz, accurately presenting rich details of high-resolution audio, and delivering a vivid and immersive audio experience.

The AK4377 HiFi audio decoding chip reduces distortion and noise floor, bringing a highly dynamic range for pure and exquisite audio quality.

The 4-layer macromolecule composite diaphragm, which measures 40 mm, provides a wide frequency response range and high sensitivity, accurately displaying the original timbre of high-frequency audio.

L2HC HD audio codec and high-quality audio transmission

The high-end HD audio codec with self-developed L2HC decoding format runs with a rate as high as 320/640/960 kbps.

Two audio quality options are available for you to choose from: highest audio quality, or highest connection stability.

In highest audio quality mode, the headphones apply the 960 kbps rate to achieve almost lossless music transmission, enabling you to enjoy high-quality audio and exquisite audio timbre.

In highest connection stability mode, the headphones switch the bit rate adaptively based on the environmental interferences so as to maximize the stability of the wireless connection.

The audio quality options can be configured on the Bluetooth settings screen or in the AI Life app (version on a device running EMUI 11.0. The actual version number may vary

Dual-antenna design brings seamless connections in every direction

Bolstered with the dual-antenna design on both earcups, the headphones automatically switch to the antenna with better signal reception depending on the environment and the location of the connected device for stable connections and seamless audio playback.

Low latency and synchronized audiovisual experience

The Kirin A1 chipset on the headphones achieves low-latency transmission and audiovisual synchronization, offering a smooth experience.

Gaming mode: When wearing the headphones to play a game, the headphones automatically switch to low-latency mode to ensure a seamless experience.

Cinema mode: The headphones support latency optimization in mainstream video apps.

One-touch pairing and connection

When headphones are powered on (within 15 seconds) and your device is within the effective range from the headphones (10 cm), an automatic connection prompt will appear on your phone. You can pair and connect them as prompted with a single touch.

Simultaneous Bluetooth connection with two devices

The headphones support a Bluetooth connection with two devices at the same time, including phones, tablets, and PCs. The seamless switchover between the two connected device increases operation efficiencies beyond your imagination.

Easy touch controls

By tapping the control panel on the right earcup, you can control music playback, switch songs, and adjust the volume.

With smart wear detection, the headphones automatically pause playback to save battery power when you remove them, and resumes playback when you put them back on.

Long battery life and fast charging

With ANC enabled, a full charge of the headphones can last up to 20 hours, and a 10-minute fast charge extends the usage for another 5 hours to offer a continual audio experience.

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