Onyx BOOX Nova3 Color 7.8" 32GB

Läs- ritplatta med färgskärm, 32GB, 7.8" skärm (624x468, 1872x1404), USB-C

Artikelnummer: 1181486 / Tillverkarens artikelnummer: OPC0764R

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Onyx BOOX Nova3 Color

A New Colorful World

  • A 7.8'' color E Ink tablet with a new Kaleido (Kaleido Plus) screen
  • Improved by BOOX original algorithm
  • Showing relaxing and eye-friendly colors
  • Featuring versatile writing, drawing and reading tools
  • Powered by advanced hardware and Android 10 open system
  • In a flush-screen, sleek and practical design

Look Relaxing and Wonderful

Kaleido Plus, The Latest Color ePaper Screen

The new Kaleido, offcially named as Kaleido Plus, is the latest 3rd generation of E Ink’s Color ePaper screen. It can display up to 3 times better color performance than its previous versions. BOOX Nova3 Color with a 7.8inch Kaleido Plus display can show soft 4,096 colors with better saturation and less color shift.

Made Better by BOOX Original Algorithm

With BOOX color algorithm, you can enjoy the most out of the color E Ink screen when doing any task and experience the easy-to-view display.

Color Performance under Your Thumb

With BOOX Display Control system, you can effortlessly slide the separate toolbar to make delicate adjustments to the color contrast, saturation and brightness.

Turn Amazing Ideas into Colorful Marks

The colorful note-taking system offers more color and graphic options and new features. You can do things like jot down notes, record the lesson and meeting for audio playback, search hand-writing notes, jump to the key points directly and convert all the texts into typed notes.

Create Masterworks on Flexible Canvas

Release your creativity in BOOX Notes app. The horizontal canvas and various colors and layers are excellent tools to help you create artistic works. You can also customize your drawing's size, disable palm recognition and use the lasso to move patterns. Then meticulously color your sketches with the stylus with 4,096 levels of pressure sensitivity.

Sync and View on Any End

Creating vivid works is just a beginning. You can sync your notes and doodles in the background, then view them anytime on mobile and PC.

Make Key Points More Remarkable

Paired with the re-newed engine made specifically for ePub files, NeoReader becomes the best place to view original ePub styles. Read charts with figures highlighted in red, mark up texts and pics with colors, and annotate key points in more creative ways. You can also open PPT, MOBI, CBR, CBZ, PDF and more formats in this color e-reader.

Catch More Magical Details

With the 7.8inch screen enhanced by BOOX algorithm, Nova3 Color can show more vibrant details. Turn on front lights, and open colorful comics, mangas and picture books. The advanced CPU and WIFI 2.4G+5G will load pages and transfer data smoothly. Your adventure starts with this color ebook reader and can last for days thanks to the large battery capacity.

Your Work Station on the Go

Bring the lightweight Nova3 Color and kick off your work anywhere with the features and apps you need. With ample storage of 3G+32G, loads of built-in and third-party apps and a writing stylus, you’re all set for a prolific day

Share Books, Notes and Files Directly

Tap the Share button, and choose a destination: Bluetooth, Email or other third-party apps. Nova3 Color with the improved system makes sharing easy as a breeze.

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