Twelve South BookArc Pro Stand

Desktop stand for MacBook Pro

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Turn your laptop into a desktop
Our new BookArc has been redesigned and engineered to make it the ultimate stand for MacBook Pro. Its soft silicone insert is molded to follow the gentle curves of MacBook Pro for a precise fit. Silicone feet have evolved to cover more surface and provide even greater stability. So park your MacBook Pro in this stand and watch your laptop become the ultimate desktop.

BookArc is designed exclusively for MacBook Pro (Unibody) and MacBook Pro with Retina display. Two silicone inserts are included, to make sure your Mac will fit perfectly regardless of the model.

Zen-like workspace
Compared to your MacBook Pro lying flat on your desk, BookArc for MacBook Pro takes up a fraction of the your workspace a clean, less cluttered look. And soft silicone feet provide sturdy footing that won't leave marks on your desk. Go ahead and say "om."

Hidden cable management system.
Underneath BookArc for MacBook Pro are two hidden cable managers that prevent your monitor, USB, and power cables from slipping to the floor when you unplug your MacBook Pro. The new BookArc for MacBook Pro also ships with one extra insert to fit legacy models of MacBook and MacBook Pro.

BookArc can help boost productivity.
Working with your MacBook Pro in the closed position while connected to an Apple Thunderbolt Display means you can focus on one screen, rather than be distracted by a second monitor. With the OS X Lion introduction of full-screen apps, you've got all the more reason to use one screen instead of two. Moving from two screens to one external set-up featuring a BookArc can also give your MacBook Pro a performance boost. By reducing the number of pixels driven by MacBook's internal video memory, graphic intensive apps like Photoshop and iPhoto can feel noticeably faster.

Key facts:

  • Use MacBook closed in BookArc for best performance at home or office
  • Free up valuable desk space by elevating MacBook off the desk
  • Cable management keeps desktop connections handy and accessible


  • MacBook Pro (Unibody style)
  • MacBook Pro with Retina display
  • MacBook (black, white or aluminum)
  • MacBook Pro (previous generations)

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Produkttyp Ställ för bärbar dator
Produktmaterial Stål
Bredd 10 cm
Djup 19.2 cm
Höjd 4.6 cm
Vikt 448 g
Tillverkares artikelnr 12-1224
Fabriksgaranti (mån) 12
Vikt med emballage 0.90 kg
Egenskaper Integrerad kabelhantering, silikonfötter
Designat för Apple MacBook Pro

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