Defenders of Ardania: Conjuror's Tricks

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Defenders of Ardania: The Conjurer’s Tricks provides a new collection of units, towers and spells that can be used to conquer your opponents. Use new tactics and strategies to outwit the enemies. This collection comes with one new unit, tower and spell for each race. Features: �UNITS Human - Bomb Cart: A special explosive unit. The Bomb cart is an extremly slow and vulnerable unit, but one or two unit can easily destroys any enemy base. Nature – Snake: A special unit with the ability to hide. These Snakes are the masters of stealth and cunning. Though weak, they know how to avoid the attention of the towers. The range of an enemy tower is decreased by 30-50 percent when targeting against the Snake. Underworld – Breeder: A special unit. The breeder is an ancient relic carried by a skeleton. It's slow and vulnerable, an also not too strong, but it can create friendly units from the dust. The created units appears directly next to the breeder. TOWERS Human -  Watchtower: Special tower, boosts nearby towers.The watchtower increase the nearby, friendly tower's range. It has a very short range. Nature – Carnivora: Special tower, effective against every unit.The Carnivora is a huge plant trap. Basicly it's passable by any unit, but when a unit walks into it's place, the trap will close, and slowly kills that unit. Whilst the trap is close, the carnivora works like a simple block tower. Underworld - Hell Gate: Blocking tower, cheap.A simple wall, which blocks the way of any unit, friend or foe. It can be upgraded with hellgate to allow the teleport of friendly units between to a nearby Hellgate. Only two hellgate can be built by one player. SPELLS Human – Stasis: The stasis disables any enemy towers from a short time, within it's range. Nature – Fog: The fog decrease the range of the enemy units and towers for a short time. Underworld – Invulnerability: This spells makes invulnearble any friendly ground units for a few seconds.
Windows® XP / Vista / Windows® 7 Intel Pentium 4 3.2 GHZ, AMD Athlon 3500+ 1 GB (Windows® XP), 1,5 GB (Windows® Vista) ~1GB, ATI HD3870, Shader Model 4, 512 MB DirectX 9 compatible sound card DirectX 9.0c or higher Internet or LAN for multiplayer.
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Genre strategi, fantasy
Nedladdningsbart spel Game
Platform Steam
System som stöds PC Windows