MSI X99S SLI PLUS, Socket-2011-3

Artikelnummer: 822627 / Tillverkarens artikelnummer: X99S SLI PLUS

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  • Supports New Intel® Core™ i7 processors Extreme Edition in LGA 2011-3 socket
  • Supports Quad Channel DDR4-3333(OC) Memory
  • Turbo M.2: delivering next generation M.2 Gen3 x4 performance with transfer speeds up to 32 Gb/s
  • SATA Express + USB 3.0 + SATA 6Gb/s
  • Multi-GPU: NVIDIA Quad SLI & AMD Quad CrossFire Support
  • OC Engine: For More Flexible BCLK Adjustments
  • USB Steel Power: Super Stable 5V Power & Better Signal Transmission over USB
  • Intel® Gigabit LAN: Always connected with Intel® Gigabit LAN networking
  • Guard-Pro: Improved Protection and Power Efficiency
  • Military Class 4: Top Quality & Stability
  • OC Genie 4: Overclock in 1 Second
  • Click BIOS 4: Easily Fine-tune Your System
  • Command Center: Control & Customize Your PC Settings


Delivering speeds up to 32Gb/s using Gen3 x4, Turbo M.2 is more than 5 times faster than a regular SATA III connection! Enjoy a blazing fast system boot up and insanely fast loading of applications and games with MSI motherboards.

Next generation M.2

Turbo M.2 is the successor to M.2 10 Gb/s, offering 3 times more performance up to 32 Gb/s using Gen3 x4. M.2 is packed in a small form factor and is compatible with 3 different sizes to fit most storage solutions. All latest generation Intel® based MSI motherboards feature Turbo M.2 storage.

Fast storagewith SATA Express

SATA Express introduces a new solution in high speed storage through PCI-Express, providing more bandwidth for the latest generation SSDs up to 10 Gb/s.

Optimized formultiple graphics cards

With a large number of PCI-Express 3.0 x16 slots for every MSI motherboard, you get to choose optimal placement for your graphics cards for better fitting and airflow up to Quad SLI/CF. That way, you can enjoy the best graphics at the highest framerate jumping off from your screen when running a NVIDIA® SLI™ or AMD CrossFire™ setup.

OC Engine

Run into unstable situations when pushing your CPU to the limit? This occurs because the internal clocks are linked through the 100 MHz BCLK strap. Thanks to a integrated Clock Generator, MSI motherboards support more flexible BCLK adjustments, from 100 / 125 / 167 MHz straps.

Using these straps prevents system crashing while overclocking on the edge and opens doors to achieve the absolute maximum. The MSI X99 motherboards all come with the next generation Clock Generator offering even lower jitter and power consumption resulting in even higher stability under extreme conditions.


more speed, more bandwidth, less power

DDR4 more speed, more bandwidth, less power; MSI engineers made sure you can enjoy high speed DDR4 compatibility. DDR4 brings higher memory speeds at even lower power usage as low as 1.2v.

DDR4 offers higher volume sticks, this means larger memory configurations are possible up to 128GB.


The MSI Click BIOS 4 is the latest UEFI BIOS with optimizations for Windows 8. Not only that it also reacts faster, runs smoother and has better mouse support. And this all comes with many cool features. Click on the button on the right to visit our dedicated BIOS page and learn more.

Producentens garanti (månader) 36
Typ av produkt Moderkort - ATX
Kretstyp Intel X99 Express
Processor-socket LGA2011-v3-uttag
Maximalt antal processorer 1
Kompatibla processorer Core i7 Extreme Edition, Core i7, Xeon E5-2600 v3-serien, Xeon E5-1600 v3 series
RAM som stöds
Maximal storlek 128 GB
Teknik DDR4
Bussklocka 2133 MHz, 2666 MHz (O.C.), 2600 MHz (O.C.), 2400 MHz (O.C.), 2200 MHz (O.C.), 3000 MHz (O.C.), 2750 MHz (O.C.), 3110 MHz (O.C.), 3333 MHz (O.C.)
Stöder Ram Integrity Check Icke ECC
Registrerad eller buffrad Ej buffrad
Egenskaper Intel Extreme Memory Profiles (XMP), fyrdubbel kanalminnesarkitektur
Typ HD-ljud (8 kanaler)
Audio Codec Realtek ALC892
Standarder som följs HD-ljud
Nätverksstyrenhet Intel I218V
Nätverksgränssnitt Gigabit Ethernet
Expansionskortplatser 1 x CPU
8 x DIMM 288-stift
4 x PCIe 3.0 x16 (dubbelt x16-läge, tredubbelt: x16-, x16-, x8-läge)
Lagringsgränssnitt SATA-600 -kontakter: 6 x 7pin SATA, 1 x M.2, 1 x SATA Express port - RAID 0 / RAID 1 / RAID 10 / RAID 5
SATA-600 -kontakter: 4 x 7 pin Seriell ATA - 4 enheter
RAID-egenskaper Intel Smart Response Technology
Gränssnitt 1 x PS/2-tangentbord/mus
8 x USB 3.0
2 x USB 2.0
1 x LAN (Gigabit Ethernet)
1 x ljudingång - mini-jack
1 x ljudutgång (center/subwoofer) - mini-jack
1 x mikrofon - mini-jack
1 x ljudutgång - mini-jack
1 x ljudutgång (bakre) - mini-jack
Interna gränssnitt 4 x USB 2.0 - header
4 x USB 3.0 - header
1 x ljud - header
Strömkontakter 24-pin kontakt för huvudström, 8-pin ATX12V-kontakt
BIOS-egenskaper DMI-stöd, MSI ClickBIOS 4
Hårdvaruegenskaper NVIDIA 3-way SLI Technology Support, Intel Extreme Memory Profile-stöd (XMP), Super Ferrite Choke (SFC), AMD 3-way CrossFireX-tekniksupport, Onboard-knapp, MSI Military Class IV, OC Genie 4, MSI Fast Boot, Clear CMOS-knapp, MSI Guard-Pro, Turbo M.2, MSI ECO Power
Medföljande programvara MSI Command Center, RAMdisk, MSI Live Update 6, MSI ECO Center
Compatible with Windows 7 Programvara och enheter med "Compatible with Windows 7" logotypen har Microsoft försäkran att dessa produkter har klarat tester för kompatibilitet och tillförlitlighet med 32-bitars och 64-bitars Windows 7.
Standarder som följs Plug and Play
Bredd 30.5 cm
Djup 24.4 cm