Dead or Alive 5 Last Round New Costume

Artikelnummer: 899124 / Tillverkarens artikelnummer: 38301

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Buy the DEAD OR ALIVE 5 Last Round New Costume Pass and get the following additional costume packs: Ninja Clan 1 (February), Ninja Clan 2 (March), Senran Kagura (March), Ninja Clan 3 (April), May Costume Pack, and June Costume Pack - 78 costumes in total! All New Costume Pass content will be available by 06.16.2015. DEAD OR ALIVE 5 Last Round game required; sold separately. *You must purchase the character before using this costume.
DLC true
Genre tillägg
Nedladdningsbart spel Game
PEGI Basis Sex, Online Play, Violence
PEGI Rekommenderad åldersgräns PEGI 16
Platform Microsoft
System som stöds XBOX One
Utvecklare Team Ninja