HP Pen

Till HP Spectre, HP ENVY och HP Pavilion.

Artikelnummer: 951431 / Tillverkarens artikelnummer: 1MR94AA#UUF

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Reinvent the way you express yourself with the power of HP pen. Write, draw or compute with precision thanks to a natural, true-to-life feel. With our enhanced N-trig technology, your productivity is sure to get an upgrade.

  • Latest N-trig technology
  • Precision tip and pressure sensitivity gives you complete control
  • Perfect for use with the latest ENVY x360, Spectre x360 and Pavilion x360 convertible Laptops
  • Powered by a single AAAA battery (included)

Latest N-trig technology

Improved technology allows you to write, draw and navigate with precision.

Precision tip

Precision tip and pressure sensitivity gives you complete control, as if it’s pen to paper.

Endless possibilities

Works with a range of apps for anything from drawing to computing.

Ink to text

Write naturally while your PC instantly converts your handwriting to text.

Producentens garanti (månader) 12
Typ av enhet Digital penna
Bredd 0.95 cm
Djup 0.95 cm
Höjd 13.8 cm
Vikt 16 g
Inkluderade tillbehör AAAA-batteri
Typ AAAA-typ
Programvara / Systemkrav
Operativsystem erfordras Windows 10
Mått och vikt (brutto)
Emballagets bredd 21 cm
Emballagets djup 9.1 cm
Emballagets höjd 2.7 cm
Emballagets vikt 0.1 kg
Designat för HP 14-dy0078ng
HP ENVY x360 13-ar0002la, 13-ar0003la, 13-ay0006ca, 13-ay0020nl, 13-ay0021nn, 13-ay0024no, 13-ay0136ng, 13-ay0178ng, 13-ay0200nd, 13-ay0360ng, 13-ay0802no, 13-bd0150nd, 13-bd0255ng, 13-bd0272ng, 13-bd0279ng, 13-bd0350nd, 13-bd0508nd, 13-bd0904nz, 15-ed0006nb, 15-ed0008na, 15-ed0011nn, 15-ed0151ng, 15-ed1000no, 15-ed1001na, 15-ed1001nn, 15-ed1155ng, 15-ed1158ng, 15-ed1176ng, 15-ed1200nd, 15-ee0010nn, 15-ee0021nn, 15-ee0154ng, 15-ee0157ng, 15-ee0676ng, 15-ee0755ng, 15-ee0780ng, 15-ee0997nz
HP Pavilion x360 14-dh0029la, 14-dh1069tx, 14-dh1330ng, 14-dw0001la, 14-dw0002nh, 14-dw0003nh, 14-dw0006nh, 14-dw0007nf, 14-dw0012nh, 14-dw0047nm, 14-dw1001na, 14-dw1001nl, 14-dw1003nl, 14-dw1005nl, 14-dw1011na, 14-dw1013nl, 14-dw1014nl, 14-dw1019ns, 14-dw1020ns, 14-dw1031ns, 14-dw1045na, 14-dw1176ng, 14-dw1210ng, 14-dy0001no, 14-dy0015nb, 14-dy0032ng, 14-dy0055ng, 14-dy0110nd, 14-dy0115nd, 14-dy0201nd, 14-dy0202nd, 14-dy0203nd, 14-dy0207nd, 14-dy0208nz, 14-dy0210nd, 14-dy0215nd, 14-dy0300nz, 14-dy0301nz, 14-dy0311nd, 14-dy0315nd, 14-dy0335ng, 14-dy0340nd, 14-dy0345nd, 14-dy0356ng, 14-dy0436ng, 14-dy0500nz, 14-dy0555ng, 14-dy0608nz, 14-dy0650nd, 14-dy0651nd, 14-dy0700nz, 14-dy0704nz, 14-dy0708nz, 14-dy0737nd, 14-dy0815nd, 14-dy0817nd, 14-dy0904nz, 15-dq2010ca, 15-dq2020ca, 15-er0002nd, 15-er0026nf, 15-er0032ng, 15-er0055ng, 15-er0057ng, 15-er0077ng, 15-er0200nd, 15-er0350nd, 15-er0534ng, 15-er0604nz, 15-er0635nd
HP Spectre x360 13-aw0000nn, 13-aw0001la, 13-aw0003ns, 13-aw0006nn, 13-aw0022nn, 13-aw0025nn, 13-aw0117na, 13-aw0500na, 13-aw0501na, 13-aw0755ng, 13-aw2001nn, 13-aw2003nu, 13-aw2004nu, 13-aw2036nn, 13-aw2201nd, 13-aw2701nz, 14-ea0001nn, 14-ea0002nn, 14-ea0007na, 14-ea0200nd, 14-ea0750ng, 14-ea0902nz, 14-ea0912nz, 14-ea0922nz, 15-eb0036na, 15-eb0037na, 15-eb0048na, 15-eb0050na, 15-eb0097nr, 15-eb0190ng, 15-eb1006nn, 15-eb1008nb, 15-eb1015no, 15-eb1075ng, 15-eb1079ng, 15-eb1110nd, 15-eb1700nd, 15-eb1770nd