Electrolux Pure D9 PD91-4MG

Artikelnummer: 992677 / Tillverkarens artikelnummer: 900940608

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Electrolux Pure D9 PD91-4MG

The new Pure D9 with FlowMotion system enables smooth and effortless handling around your home.

The XL Easy-Roll wheels and ball bearing nozzle are designed to work together. By moving in perfect harmony they ensure easy steering with less bumping and clunking, so the Pure D9 always stays in step with you.

The PureFlow system works behind-the-scenes inside the Pure D9 to increase energy efficiency by 30%* whilst offering the same uncompromising cleaning performance, giving dust nowhere to hide.

*Compared to test winner 2017: UltraOne ZUOGREEN+.

The s-bag® seals dust in tight, so it won’t escape back into your home when you vacuum or it’s time to change. The CleanLift Handle lets you click it out hygienically with a quick flick of the wrist.

3in1 smart tool and Parketto Pro nozzle

There’s not a surface or texture that the 3in1 smart tool can’t tackle. Seamless on-board storage means it’s never out of reach and simple to swap out as the Pure D9 follows you around the home. Extra soft and silent Parketto Pro nozzle for hard floors.

You don’t have to keep one eye on the Pure D9 when cleaning the stairs. The built-in stair stand ensures the Pure D9 stays still and upright whilst resting on your steps.

Producentens garanti (månader) 60
Produkttyp Dammsugare
Typ av rengöringsmedel Med behållare
Dammsugartyp Vanlig
Rengöringsmetod Torr
Typ av behållare Påse
Kapacitet hos påse 5 liter
Påstyp S-bag Ultra Long Performance
Specialegenskaper Justerbar sugkraft
Färg Mineral grey
Inställningar, reglage och indikatorer
Indikatorer Indikator för byte av dammsugarpåse
Frånsägelse av ansvar gällande bildfärg Den produkt som visas har eventuellt en annan färg
Slangmaterial Aluminium
Standarder som följs IEC 60704-3, Directive 665/2013/UE
Maximal ljudnivå 69 dB
Medföljande verktyg Aeropro 3-i-1-munstycke, utdragbart rör
Drift Nätanslutning
Maximal belastning 650 W
Uppmätt ingående ström 550 W
Energikonsumtion per år 21.3 kWh
Sladdlängd 9 m
Mått och vikt
Bredd 30.5 cm
Djup 24 cm
Höjd 51 cm
Vikt 7.136 kg